Oje Edward Hart. Son of Owen Hart… – Old School wrestling

If you’re a fan of old-school wrestling, then you might have heard of the legendary Owen Hart. He was one of the most talented wrestlers in his time, and his tragic death during a WWE event shocked fans all over the world. But did you know that Owen had a son who followed in his footsteps? Meet Oje Edward Hart – an accomplished wrestler and entertainer himself! we’ll delve into Oje’s life and career, how he’s been keeping up with the industry since his father’s untimely passing, and more. So sit back, grab some popcorn (or nachos), and let’s talk about old-school wrestling!

Who is Oje Edward Hart?

Oje Edward Hart was born on March 5, 1995 in Calgary, Alberta. He is the youngest child of legendary wrestler Owen Hart and his wife Martha Hart. Oje grew up surrounded by wrestling, as both his father and grandfather were prominent figures in the industry.
Following in his family’s footsteps, Oje pursued a career in professional wrestling. He made his debut at just 18 years old under the ring name “Omen” and quickly earned a reputation for his athleticism and showmanship.
Aside from wrestling, Oje has also dabbled in acting and music production. In fact, he released an album called “The Discipline” back in 2014 which showcased his talent as a rapper.
Despite being relatively new to the industry compared to some of its veterans, Oje has already proven himself to be a force to be reckoned with inside the ring. He continues to carry on his family’s legacy through entertaining audiences all over North America with thrilling matches that showcase not only strength but also technique and style.

The different types of wrestling

Wrestling is a physical combat sport that has been around for centuries, with different variations practiced all over the world. While the objective of all types of wrestling is to pin down or submit your opponent, each style has its own unique set of rules and techniques.
One of the most popular types of wrestling in North America is professional wrestling, which involves scripted matches and predetermined outcomes. This type of wrestling focuses more on entertainment value than actual competition, and often includes flashy costumes, storylines, and signature moves.
On the other hand, amateur wrestling is a more traditional form that emphasizes technique and skill over showmanship. This type of wrestling can be further broken down into two categories: folkstyle (practiced mainly in the United States) and freestyle/Greco-Roman (popular in international competitions).
In folkstyle wrestling, athletes are awarded points for takedowns, escapes from holds, reversals, near falls/pins etc., while also trying to prevent their opponents from scoring points by controlling them on the mat using various grappling techniques. In contrast to this format Greco-Roman requires wrestlers only use upper body moves such as throws; no leg attacks allowed!
There are many different forms and styles within the world of professional  and amateur  wrestling that vary depending on location , culture , rules ,techniques & objectives – but they all share one common goal – outmaneuvering your opponent!

How did Owen Hart’s death change the wrestling industry?

The tragic death of Owen Hart during a WWE pay-per-view event in 1999 had a significant impact on the wrestling industry. The incident occurred while Owen was performing his superhero-like entrance from the rafters, and he fell to his death due to a malfunction with the harness and equipment.
This unfortunate event led to major changes in safety regulations within professional wrestling. The use of stunt doubles increased, as well as strict limitations on dangerous stunts and gimmicks. Furthermore, wrestlers are now required to undergo more rigorous training before stepping into the ring.
The aftermath of Owen’s death also led to legal disputes between his family and WWE over negligence claims. This resulted in settlements reached outside of court, with the creation of several charitable foundations established by both parties.
Owen’s passing brought attention to wrestler safety concerns that were previously ignored or overlooked within the industry. Even after two decades since this tragedy happened, it still remains an important reminder for everyone involved that safety should always be prioritized above all else.

What has Oje been up to since his father’s death?

Oje Edward Hart, the son of wrestling legend Owen Hart, has largely remained out of the public eye since his father’s tragic death in 1999. Following the incident, Oje was only seven years old and understandably struggled to come to terms with losing his dad at such a young age.
Over the years, Oje has kept a relatively low profile and hasn’t pursued a career in wrestling like some other members of his family. However, he has occasionally made appearances at events dedicated to his father’s memory.
In recent years, Oje has started to open up more about his experiences growing up as Owen Hart’s son and living in the shadow of such an iconic figure. He has spoken candidly about how difficult it was dealing with grief at such a young age and trying to navigate life without his dad.
Despite not being involved in wrestling himself, Oje remains supportive of those who choose to pursue careers in the industry. He continues to honor his father’s legacy by attending events and sharing memories on social media.
While Oje may not be a household name like some other members of the Hart family, he is still very much part of their wrestling dynasty and continues to carry on Owen Hart’s legacy through his own unique way.


Oje Edward Hart is a name that will forever be associated with the legacy of his father, Owen Hart. He has carried on his father’s love for wrestling and has become an advocate for old school wrestling. With his dedication to keeping the traditions of wrestling alive, he is carrying the torch passed down by generations before him.
The tragedy of Owen Hart’s death still resonates throughout the industry today, but it also serves as a reminder of how much progress has been made in ensuring wrestler safety. We can only hope that future generations learn from this incident and continue to make necessary changes.
Throughout all these years since his father’s untimely death, Oje Edward Hart has remained steadfast in preserving the essence of old school wrestling while at the same time embracing new ideas and innovations within this art form. His journey through life may have been tough but he continues to rise above it all with grace and determination.
In short, Oje Edward Hart is not just another wrestler; he represents everything that makes professional wrestling great – passion, hard work and honor.