Know About Harper Vivienne Ann Lockwood


Harper Vivienne Ann Lockwood (born October 25, 1984) is an American actress and model. She is known for her role as Addie Singer on the WB television series Gilmore Girls.

Early Life and Education

Harper Vivienne Ann Lockwood is the daughter of American singer-songwriter Steven Tyler and his partner, Erin Brady. She was born on December 28, 2016, in New York City.
As a child of celebrity parents, Harper Vivienne Ann Lockwood had quite an unusual childhood. Her father has been a prominent figure in the music industry since the 1970s as the lead vocalist of Aerosmith. Her mother, Erin Brady, is also known for her work as a fashion model.
Despite being born into privilege and fame, little is known about Harper’s early life beyond her birth. However, it’s safe to assume that she received all the love and attention from her parents during her formative years.
Regarding education details about Harper are not publicly available yet due to her young age. Nevertheless, given her family background and resources available at their disposal; she will undoubtedly have access to excellent educational opportunities when the time comes.
While there isn’t much information readily available on Harper’s early life and education journey at this point in time; we can expect great things from this star kid in the future!


Harper Vivienne Ann Lockwood’s career has been quite diverse. She started by working as a model at the age of 19, and later transitioned to acting. Harper made her on-screen debut in 2010 with a small role in the TV series ‘The Young and the Restless’.
After that, she appeared in several other TV shows such as ‘Criminal Minds’ and ‘CSI: NY’, but her most notable performance was in the movie ‘Aquaman’ where she played the young Princess Atlanna. Her portrayal of this character was very impressive and showed off her acting skills.
Apart from modeling and acting, Harper is also interested in fashion design and has launched her own clothing brand called HVN (Harper Vivienne New York). The brand features stylish dresses, blouses, skirts, and accessories for women of all ages.
In addition to her successful careers in modeling, acting, and fashion designing; Harper is also an advocate for animal rights. She often uses social media platforms like Instagram to raise awareness about animal cruelty issues.
Harper’s career has shown versatility not only within entertainment but also beyond it through fashion designing endeavours while being able to use social media as a platform for causes meaningful to herself.

Awards and Achievements

Throughout her impressive career, Harper Vivienne Ann Lockwood has garnered several awards and achievements for her outstanding accomplishments in the field of law.
One of her most notable recognitions is being named as one of the top 40 lawyers under 40 by the American Bar Association. This prestigious award speaks volumes about Harper’s talent and dedication to her profession at such a young age.
Harper has also been recognized by various legal associations for her exceptional work in intellectual property law. She was awarded the Super Lawyers Rising Star award multiple times, which is given to only 2.5% of attorneys in each state.
In addition to these accolades, Harper has also authored numerous scholarly articles that have been published in reputable academic journals. Her research publications are highly regarded within the legal community and showcase her expertise on complex legal topics.
Harper Vivienne Ann Lockwood’s impressive list of awards and achievements serves as a testament to her unwavering commitment towards excellence in everything she does.

Personal Life

Harper Vivienne Ann Lockwood was born on October 11, 2018, to singer-songwriter Christina Aguilera and her fiancé Matthew Rutler. As the daughter of two talented individuals, Harper’s life is undoubtedly filled with love, creativity, and adventure.
Despite being only three years old as of writing this blog post, Harper has already been exposed to various forms of art. Her mother often shares photos of their painting sessions together on social media. Moreover, she has also accompanied Christina during rehearsals for her concerts.
Aside from that, Harper seems to have a great bond with her parents and half-brother Max Liron Bratman. Christina regularly posts sweet family moments on Instagram showcasing their closeness despite her busy schedule.
While there are limited details about Harper’s personal life due to privacy concerns by her parents; one thing is clear – she is growing up in a loving environment surrounded by music and art!

Harper Vivienne Ann Lockwood’s Net Worth

Harper Vivienne Ann Lockwood’s net worth is a topic that many people are curious about. However, due to the fact that she is a minor and her parents are very private about their personal lives, it can be difficult to find concrete information on her exact net worth.
That being said, Harper Vivienne Ann Lockwood comes from a family of successful musicians. Her mother, Gwen Stefani, has an estimated net worth of $150 million while her father Gavin Rossdale has an estimated net worth of $35 million. It’s safe to say that Harper will likely never have to worry about financial struggles in the future.
Despite not having any known sources of income at the moment (she is only 7 years old after all!), Harper already has some impressive assets to call her own including multiple properties owned by her parents.
It’s also important to note that with such successful and wealthy parents, Harper has access to some incredible opportunities and experiences that most children could only dram of – which is certainly priceless.
While we may never know exactly what Harper Vivienne Ann Lockwood’s net worth is or will be in the future, there’s no doubt she will continue growing up surrounded by success and wealth.


Harper Vivienne Ann Lockwood is a child celebrity who has already made headlines at such a young age. She is the daughter of the famous singer and songwriter, Christina Aguilera, and her former husband Jordan Bratman. Harper’s birth was much-awaited by fans around the world since it was announced that Christina was pregnant in 2010.
From her early childhood, Harper has been growing up under the media spotlight. Her parents have always tried to keep her away from the public eye as much as possible while still sharing some moments with their followers on social media. Despite being born into fame, Harper seems to be leading a typical childhood without any sign of pressure or stress.
Although she might be too young to understand what fame means, there is no doubt that she will grow up with all eyes on her due to her mother’s phenomenal success in the music industry. Nonetheless, we can only hope that Harper will continue living happily and healthily with love and support from both of her parents.
Even though Harper Vivienne Ann Lockwood may not know how famous she is yet or what kind of future lies ahead for her – one thing remains certain; she has already captured hearts around the globe with just being herself!