How to Apply For Indian Visa From South Africa and Korea


Are you planning a trip to India but don’t know how to apply for a visa? Look no further! We’ve got you covered with this step-by-step guide on how to apply for an Indian visa from South Africa and Korea. With its vibrant culture, delicious cuisine, and breathtaking landscapes, India is undoubtedly one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. However, obtaining an Indian visa can be a daunting task if you don’t know the process. But worry not! This comprehensive guide will help make your Indian visa application process smooth and stress-free.

Types of Indian Visas

There are a variety of Indian visas available for travelers to choose from depending on their purpose of visit. The most common types of Indian visas include tourist, business, employment, student, and medical visas.
Tourist visas are issued for those who wish to travel to India for leisure or sightseeing purposes. Business visas allow individuals to attend meetings or conferences in India for short periods. Employment visas are issued to foreign nationals who have been offered employment by an Indian company.
Student visas are meant for individuals who wish to pursue education in India at any level while medical visa allows people seeking medical treatment in the country access to healthcare facilities. Other types of Indian Visas include e-visa and conference visa which can be obtained online through the government’s website
It is important that you carefully select the type of visa that best suits your needs as each has specific requirements and restrictions attached.

How to Apply for an Indian Visa from South Africa

Applying for an Indian visa from South Africa is a straightforward process that requires following certain steps. The first step you should take is to determine the type of visa you need based on your purpose and duration of stay in India.
Once you have determined the type of visa, visit the website of the Indian High Commission in South Africa and fill out the online application form. Make sure to provide accurate information about yourself, including personal details, passport information, and travel plans.
After submitting your application online, you will receive a reference number that you can use to track your application status. You must also make an appointment at one of the designated VFS Global offices in Johannesburg, Durban or Cape Town where biometric data such as fingerprints will be collected from you.
You should prepare all necessary supporting documents before attending your appointment with VFS Global. These documents may include proof of financial means, accommodation arrangements and return flight tickets among others. Some visas may also require additional documentation such as medical certificates or letters from sponsors.
Once everything has been submitted successfully, it usually takes around 5-7 working days for processing time after which you can collect your passport containing your Indian Visa from VFS Global office or choose courier service delivery option offered by them at extra cost.

How to Apply for an Indian Visa from Korea

If you are a South Korean national planning to visit India, the first thing you need to do is apply for an Indian visa. The process of applying for an Indian visa from Korea is quite straightforward and can be done entirely online.
To begin with, you need to visit the official website of the Embassy of India in Seoul and click on ‘Consular Services’ followed by ‘Visa Services.’ Here, you will find all the information related to different types of visas available and their respective fees.
Once you have determined which type of visa suits your purpose, create an account on the website and fill out the application form. Make sure that all details provided are accurate as any discrepancy may lead to rejection or delay in processing.
Next, upload a recent passport-size photograph along with other supporting documents such as proof of travel arrangements, bank statements reflecting sufficient funds etc., as required by your chosen visa category.
After submitting your application form online, ensure that you pay the applicable fee using one of several payment options provided on the website. Once this is done, simply print out a copy of your e-visa document and carry it with you when traveling to India.
Applying for an Indian Visa from Korea has never been easier thanks to its online system!


Applying for an Indian visa from South Africa or Korea may seem like a daunting task, but it is actually quite straightforward. Make sure you have all the required documents and information ready before starting the application process to avoid any delays or issues.
Remember to choose the appropriate visa category based on your purpose of travel and duration of stay in India. Whether you are traveling for tourism, business, education or medical purposes, there is a specific visa type that suits your needs.
Once you have submitted your application online and paid the fee, all you need to do is wait for processing and approval of your Indian visa. With proper preparation and attention to detail throughout the application process, getting an Indian visa can be a smooth experience that allows you to enjoy everything this beautiful country has to offer.