Access Identity Provider Manager


Are you tired of managing multiple usernames and passwords for different online platforms? Do you want to streamline your login process and improve the security of your personal information? Look no further than Identity Provider Manager! This powerful tool allows you to access all your FCA Group applications with just one set of credentials, making login hassle-free. Plus, it offers advanced security features like multi-factor authentication and password policies to keep your data safe. In this blog post, we’ll walk you through how to access and use Identity Provider Manager – so let’s get started!

How to access Identity Provider Manager

The Identity Provider Manager (IDP) is a central repository for all your FCAC Group identity information. It is used to manage your user accounts and access to applications. The IDP can be accessed through the following URL:
Once you have accessed the IDP, you will be able to login using your credentials. Once you have logged in, you will be able to manage your user account and access to applications.

What you can do with the Identity Provider Manager

If you have an account with, you can use the Identity Provider Manager to manage your identity and access to the site. You can use the Identity Provider Manager to:
Create and manage your user profile
Update your contact information
Change your password
Manage your security settings
View your recent activity
Access site resources

Conclusion Identity Provider Manager is a great tool for businesses who are looking to streamline their access control processes and ensure that only the right personnel have access to their data and resources. By setting up an identity provider manager, you can rest easy knowing that your accessible resources remain safe and secure, while allowing authorized users to gain access quickly and easily. With quick setup times and customizable options, this service is the perfect solution for businesses of any size.