A Day with Kozu in Japanese 10K Festival


In the core of Tokyo, where the clamoring cityscape meets the quiet magnificence of Japanese culture, I had the honor of going through a day with Kozu, a famous substance maker and powerhouse, as he commended arriving at an exceptional achievement of 10,000 supporters on his YouTube channel. Kozu, whose genuine name is Kazuki, is known for his drawing in satisfied that investigates the rich embroidered artwork of Japanese culture, history, and day to day existence. Go along with me as we dive into the captivating day we spent together, investigating the extraordinary combination of custom and innovation that characterizes Japan.

Morning at Senso-ji Sanctuary

Our day started first thing in the morning, as Kozu and I met at Senso-ji Sanctuary, a noteworthy and famous Buddhist sanctuary situated in the Asakusa locale. The sanctuary, established in the seventh 100 years, is Tokyo’s most seasoned and fills in as a huge otherworldly and social milestone. It was the ideal spot to initiate our excursion, representing the well established customs that Kozu tries to impart to his crowd.

As the sun’s most memorable beams penetrated through the morning fog, we investigated the sanctuary grounds. Kozu’s fervor was obvious as he imparted the sanctuary’s set of experiences and importance to his endorsers through his camera focal point. We saw the peaceful excellence of the sanctuary’s principal lobby, the clamoring Nakamise-dori shopping road, and the serene Asakusa Culture and Traveler Data Center with its general perspective on Tokyo Skytree.

Customary Breakfast at a Neighborhood Ryokan

Kozu’s recordings frequently include customary Japanese cooking, and he guaranteed that our morning meal was a tactile pleasure. We partook in a heavenly dinner at a close by ryokan (customary hotel). The gala incorporated various dishes, for example, miso soup, barbecued fish, pickles, and, obviously, a bowl of steaming white rice. Kozu’s analysis on the multifaceted subtleties of the feast and the masterfulness behind its show was both instructive and scrumptious.

Investigating Japanese Road Food

No visit to Japan would be finished without enjoying some road food. Kozu took me to the well known Ameya-Yokocho market, a clamoring rear entryway loaded up with energetic slows down and sellers offering an extensive variety of Japanese road rarities. We inspected takoyaki (octopus balls), taiyaki (fish-formed cakes loaded up with sweet red bean glue), and yakitori (barbecued chicken sticks). Kozu’s energy for these quintessential Japanese road food varieties was irresistible, and his capacity to easily switch among English and Japanese while connecting with the sellers was amazing.

Evening at the Edo-Tokyo Historical center

Our process went on at the Edo-Tokyo Historical center, an engineering wonder that stands as a demonstration of the powerful development of Tokyo throughout the long term. Kozu’s profound love for history sparkled as he made sense of the shows, relics, and intelligent presentations that moved guests through time, from the Edo time frame to current Tokyo. His capacity to impact the world forever woken up reverberated with his crowd as he imparted this experience to them from his perspective.

Social Studio: Origami and Calligraphy

Kozu organized a superb treat for our crowd by sorting out a conventional Japanese culture studio. We took in the fragile craft of origami, collapsing paper into multifaceted shapes and plans, and took a shot at calligraphy, making delightful characters on washi paper. Kozu’s understanding and energy made the experience agreeable and instructive.

Evening Sakura Review at Ueno Park

As the day attracted to a nearby, Kozu took me to Ueno Park, a spot that wakes up during cherry bloom season. We were lucky to visit when the sakura (cherry blooms) were in full sprout. Seeing these sensitive pink petals against the background of a sunset was stunning. Kozu’s lovely portrayal and the peaceful minutes we shared made for a significant end to our day.


A day with Kozu in festival of his 10,000 supporters was a special and vivid experience, permitting me to observe firsthand his energy for sharing the rich embroidery of Japanese culture with his crowd. Kozu’s substance isn’t just about displaying Japan; it’s tied in with cultivating a profound appreciation and comprehension of the nation’s set of experiences, customs, and lifestyle. As we headed out in different directions, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to appreciate the way Kozu consistently overcomes any barrier among custom and advancement, making Japan available to individuals from one side of the planet to the other. His 10,000 supporters are only the start of what vows to be a striking excursion, both for himself as well as his consistently developing worldwide crowd.