Acer KG241 24´´ Full HD LED Monitor Black

The monitor is equipped with a 24 inch Full HD resolution with a native resolution and a wide viewing angle, which is a must-have feature for multimedia editing. With the Acer KG241HU it is possible to create, edit, and render photos and videos to a very high quality. This monitor can also be used for gaming, which is a must if you want to enjoy your favorite games at their highest setting. The monitor also has a wide variety of ports for connecting your devices such as an HDMI port and a DisplayPort 1.2 port. These ports enable you to connect your gaming PC and external devices. Moreover, the Acer KG241HU is equipped with Acer Color Engine 3 technology to make colors and pictures look incredibly realistic.

What is Acer KG241?

Acer KG241 is an excellent laptop for any user. This laptop comes with all the latest features to ensure that you have the best experience on the web. With a slim and light design, this laptop comes with a full HD display and a large 1TB hard drive to provide you with ample storage space. It also comes with Acer’s exclusive Acer Notebook Guard feature which provides you with extra protection against damage, theft, spills and impacts. It’s Acer KG241, a tablet pc. Acer KG241 has a 7 inch 1024×600 screen, 1GHz processor, 8GB of internal memory, 5 megapixel rear camera and a 0.3 megapixel front facing camera. You can check out all the features of Acer KG241 by reading the specs page.

What is the Resolution of Acer KG241?

Here we will discuss about the detailed analysis of KG241 resolution. Today, I am here with you guys to know about the Acer KG241 monitor resolutions and their supported display modes. We have already discussed a lot of Acer KG241 resolution types. In this article, we will discuss about the complete Acer KG241 resolution details. Let us see what are all these KG241 resolution types. If you like this article, you may share it with your friends and family members. The resolution of Acer KG241 is 1366 x 768 pixels. The resolution is very high, which results in sharp images.

How to Connect Acer KG241 to Laptop/PC?

A simple adapter with a long USB cable is the best thing for connecting an Acer KG241 to a laptop or PC. This type of USB adapter is universal, meaning it will work with almost any kind of laptop and computer. So, if you’ve been looking for the cheapest and easiest method to connect an Acer KG241 to a laptop, you found it. This adapter comes with two sets of wires and has a standard micro USB plug on each end. Simply connect the USB cable to the back of the Acer KG241 and connect the other set of wires to the power cord of your laptop or computer. You can now charge the Acer KG241 while charging your laptop or computer at the same time.

What is the Price of Acer KG241?

If you are looking to purchase Acer KG241 or looking Acer KG241 price, shopping online will always be the cheapest option. Buying Acer KG241 or Acer KG241 online means that you are purchasing directly from the official Acer KG241 vendor, which will save you time and money. Acer KG241 or Acer KG241 pricing varies depending on the retailer. But because we work directly with the manufacturer, you’ll know exactly where to shop. You might wonder how much Acer KG241 would cost. Well, we found the best price of Acer KG241 at $229.99. However, you can find it cheaper by searching eBay. You can save up to $60 off the lowest price of $229.99, if you buy from If you find it difficult to find good deals on the internet, you should try checking the price at local stores. You can find the price of Acer KG241 at stores such as amazon, target, and Best Buy.